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Hi Eva,  Just can from the Vet and Roxy weighs 4 lbs. and 2 ozs.  She is so healthy and smart and good!  I think it's a testament to you and what a good breeder you are.  We appreciate it so much because our friends just got a golden~doodle puppy a couple of weeks ago and their puppy howled all night long the first few nights with them.  She has worms and is vomiting and they've had to do IV's and all linds of test and ultrasounds to figure out what's wrong.  They've already spent $ 1600 on Vet bills.  Now she's on a special diet and meds.  We're hoping she gets well soon.   Roxy is such a great dog ~ she never cried, not even the first night we had her.  So I just wanted to thank you!  Hope your new pups and expecting Mom's are doing well.   Karen


'Cee Cee's Puppy Palace' is just that.  The kennels are very clean.  Our puppy was totally parasite free when we got him and was very socialized.  Eva and her husband have a first class operation and they are first class breeders.  I highly recommend them if you are looking for the healthiest, cutest puppy ever.  We now have two Cavachon's we loved 'Gadget' so much a year later we ended up going back and buying 'Gizmo'.   Carolyn and R.J.  

' We live near 'Cee Cee's Puppy Palace' and we visited often.  The kennels are very clean and the dogs have the best of everything.  All the dogs get very happy when they encounter our arrival: they love people and are very well socialized.  They are the cutest darn dogs.   We bought two Cavachons a male and female they are named Kimo the courageous and Kate the kindhearted.  They are our kids.    Donna and Earl.

Eva breeds beautiful puppies, even her adult dogs were beautiful and so very sweet.  I believe that her colors and markings are unique and that is what drew me to her. (plus the beautiful red male I purchased)  Her kennels are very clean and she even has a barn with the kennels that is temperature controlled.  The Mom comes into the house before the puppies are born.  The puppies and Mom are in the Den so they are used to people being around.  She loves her puppies and gives them lots of love which is great because they will be really socialable.  Eva hooked me up with another couple that had bought a puppy from her so I got to visit with them here in S.F. and their dog is fantastic.  I would recommend Cee Cee's for your puppy and Eva is so nice and laid back I actually spent 3 hours at her house just hanging out - I couldn't put my puppy down.  Be sure and visit her facebook page for lots of videos and pictures of previous puppies sold.   Anne,  oh I named my puppy Turley.

Hello, we have a wonderful well adjusted healthy male Cavapoo from Bella and Max.  He will be 2 years old Nov. of 2011.  We adore our puppy and working with Eva was a pleasure.  We were first time puppy people and she was very helpful and fun with sending pictures of Asti every week.  We did go down to visit her place when Asti was 3 weeks and it was very nicely maintained, no funny smells, or odd behaviors from any of her dogs.  We recommend Eva and if the situation arose where we wanted a puppy we would return.


We have bought 2 puppies from Cee Cee's Puppy Palace.  We have Winston a Bichon Frise, he is 2 years and 2 months old - and a Poochon Annie, who is now a year and a half.  Winston is 13 lbs. and Annie is 9 lbs.  Mommie is Snowball.  I don't know what we would do without our babies we love them to death.  They have added such joy to our life.  They are insepetable....and get along wonderful together.  I often send pictures of our babies and they are pictured on her website. We had visited the kennels before we picked out Winston.  By the way these dogs are our very first pets (I am 57)  They are like my babies.  They are and have been in excellant health and as these were our first pets.... Eva was my manuel.  I wanted to make sure the transition from our Eva's home to our home would be smooth for everyone.  Our pictures are on the site.  Regards,  Chris.

Yes my family did buy 2 pups from Cee Cee's and visited her kennels.  My dogs are very happy and healthy we have not had any problems with our puppies.  We bought a Shihpoo and a Cavapoo.  Don't be alarmed if at first they don't bark or run around they just aren't used to your environment. We bought our first puppy March 31st and we were so happy we bought our second puppy on May 22.  The kennels were very clean and the dogs are together so they aren't lonely.  They have toys to play with and good beds.  Eva loves her dogs at night they go into a big room with crates so nothing happens to them.  Her house is surrounded with lots of trees, plants and farm fields.  Only the parents are outdoors.  The puppies and Mom are indoors.  I definitely suggest you get a puppy from her , she is kind and loving and a great breeder.  I am 11 years old and live in L.A. in a big house we love our doggies.